Automatic Delivery Notes for individuals/Groups

Hey guys,

Thanks for the great work.

We are working with a big group who use a third party for their beer purchasing/handling. It is important to not share financials with the individual sites in the group and the invoices to be sent to us to upload to an online portal. The last bit is fine but your current global rules do not allow for the individual sites to receive delivery notes only. This is either enabled for all sites or none. There is a manual work around but we are required to send the delivery note at the point of delivery not after the fact. Whether you set the sites up under a group banner or individual site, this gets overruled by the global settings.

There has, to my knowledge been a similar integration with SIBA but this has not rolled out to all customers either individual sites or groups. The tag “receives delivery notes” doesn’t work if not enabled for all customers.

I know there are other breweries who work with this same larger company who would benefit from this automation. Looking back through previous topics that are now archived it seems to be something previously requested also.

Keep up the great work guys.