Allow excluding products from customer price lists based on "Guest beer" stock item sub-type

This feature request has been edited by the Breww team to be clearer.

This is to add a new option when filtering which products should be excluded from price lists, that allows you to filter out guest beer products based on the stock item’s guest beer sub-type.

This would allow you to create sub-types for the “Guest best” stock item type, or for example, “Beer”, “Cider” and “Spirits” and then only show “Cider” products in your price list.

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Hi, is there any way of adding a new stock item type? i want to identify cider as a stock item type of Bag in Box (BiB) so i can just print a list of ciders in stock. is this something i can do?


Well, we can make a new sub-type. But would these be better as guest drinks? Does “guest beer” turn to “guest drink”? If you’ve created a cider drink type? You’d think so…

I think the best option here would be to classify them as “Guest beer” and then create your own sub-types, to further classify them as you’d like, as Jon suggested.

@paul-mellor you confirm if this solution works for you?

This would be a nice idea and maybe one day, but it doesn’t currently.

how would i filter them out of a price list for instance?

Made FR:

@paul-mellor You can exclude “Guest Beers” from price lists (or particular container types).
When you’re setting up the price list, see Product selection options

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I’m sorry; this isn’t possible right now, as you cannot filter based on a guest beer product’s stock item sub-type (that’s a mouthful, I know!). I’ve edited this feature request to be more clearly for this feature, so hopefully it can pick up some votes and be implemented in the future.