Allow entering cell counts at yeast pitching point


this is really useful. Can you please integrate a function that enables also entering cell counts at yeast pitching point meaning not only at a point “after yeast has been extrated into Brink 1” but also a cell count “after yeast from Brink 1 has been pitched into batch xxxx”

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Thanks for the suggestion, Matthias.

You had posted your message as a comment on the Yeast/ingredient batch management help guide, so I’ve moved it to a feature request. Keeping track of requests that are comments on help guides (or elsewhere) would be a virtually impossible task, so we need all requests to be in the right place to ensure that they don’t slip through the net :+1:

Cheers :smile:

Yes please. It is essential for the yeast quality information to be directly attached to the beer batch, not only attached to yeast batch with a time stamp. If I want to trouble shoot a fermentation or sensory issue it is time consuming to work backwards through the time stamps to figure out what the viability and pitch was for a certain beer batch. As a result I’m reluctant to use this feature.


Hey Francesco - I agree; I think this would be a really useful improvement and would allow Breww to provide you with that information on the beer batch, not just the yeast batch. We’ll see what we can do and keep everyone updated here!

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