Allergen Report & Product Information Sheet


I was wondering if there was a way to pull an allergen report for our customers so they can see the allergens for each product they order and load to their systems?

Even better would be a Product Information sheet that could be printed off for each product with Bottle name, weight, allergens, pallet quantity etc? Like what you get from Erudus.

If it could be exported as a pdf and a csv that would be a game changer

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Thanks for the great suggestion, George.

We’ve been able to quickly expose Beer data via our Raw Data Explorer reporting tools. This should give you access to the allergen data entered for each beer. We’ve also exposed the “Allergens” field on the Products Raw Data Explorer report.

We’ll keep this thread open as I realise this isn’t exactly what you’ve asked for, and I think your suggestion would be really useful, but hopefully, the updates to the data exports are useful in the meantime :+1:


Hi Luke,

I’ve just been looking at this as this may fill a need that has arisen for ourselves for an allergen list- using the Explorer for Beer exposes the data we need, but seemingly in a random order which makes it difficult to digest (I appreciate we can export and resolve this).

I also tried doing this through the Products raw data explorer in attempt to pull a list that did not require additional manipulation -just using the Name & Allergens fields, and all of the Allergens fields are blank - is this because this only exposes the allergies that have been overridden on the product themselves (we don’t have any), and does not pull the additional info from the beer (as a label would)?

Thanks in advance

Hey Steve,

Yes, you’re right. The Raw Data Explorer reports are technically “unordered”, so the order will often feel pretty random. There’s a feature request open to allow you to sort the list as you need, at Define the own sort order when reporting with the Raw Data Explorer

Yes, you’re right here too. When printing labels, Breww will check the Product for allergens and if not found, it will fall back to the Beer. The Raw Data Explorer isn’t doing this, however, and it’s just showing the data set against the specific items in the dataset.


Thanks for clarifying Luke and the heads up on the other thread :beers:

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