All Sales report options

Is there a way to add more fields to the pre-built All Sales report? I don’t see an option to add the product type or beer name as fields (or even container type, which is already available as a filter). I have tried building a custom report, but then credit notes and delivery charges are not included. Any suggestions?

(I am also having trouble using the pre-set reporting periods. Ex: “Month to date” returns no data, but typing in the dates as “Custom date range” brings up the results)

Hi Alyssa, thanks for your post and for notifying us of the issues with the pre-set reporting periods; this has now been fixed, and this report should now be working as usual. Currently, additional fields cannot be added to the All sales report, but I can see how having these fields included would be useful. There are a lot of columns and data included in this report, so making these fields customisable so that custom additional fields can be added would be a great addition! If you think that this would work for you, it would be great if you could raise this as a feature request, and our dev team will be able to review this for you!