Alerts for Certain Stock Items to be sent to Specific Individuals

At the moment all stock alerts come through the Stock Items tab when they hit their re-order quantity.

It would be great if stock alerts could be assigned to certain users. Fairly self explanatory but for example if I was looking after glassware, and the minimum quantity we wanted on Breww was 96, when stock levels reach that volume, I personally get tagged/alerted rather than it just being flagged on Stock Items.


Thanks for the great suggestion, Laura.

How do you suggest the “owner” of a stock item is configured? Presumably, on a per-stock-item basis is too granular, but maybe on a “Type” (e.g. Ingreident or Packaging) or “Sub-type” (“Hop” vs “Grain”) basis?

We can also see how this would definitely be useful - in our use case, I think by type would be enough.

E.g. Packaging can alert someone in warehouse, grain/hops.etc to production…

If breww did go down the route of doing this for individual items, there would need to be a way to easily change the allocated member without having to go through hundreds of items (e.g. change of responsibilities, new staff.etc)

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@luke Yes please, I think ‘Type’ would be good. Might just need a new 'type’of glassware to be created and go via that route

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That’s great, thanks for the comments :+1:

Please keep the votes coming in :smile: