Adjusting the quantity of hops added to a beer batch for alpha acid percentage

Breww supports automatically adjusting the quantity of a hop added to a batch based on the alpha acid percentage of the specific batch of hops being added.

Recording the alpha acid percentage of a hop batch

You can record the alpha acid percentage of a batch of hops when adding it to an inventory receipt or from the stock item’s page directly.

From an inventory receipt

To record the hop batch’s alpha acid when entering an inventory receipt, click the Hop icon next to the batch-tracked details as shown below:

On the stock item

You can also add or edit the alpha acid values of a hop batch by going to the hop and clicking the Hop icon next to the batch you’d like to update under the Stock tab.

Adding the expected alpha acid to a recipe

So that Breww can adjust the quantity automatically for you, you will need to add an Expected alpha acid value to any hop addition on a recipe. This then allows Breww to calculate the adjustment required. To do this, simply tick the Adjust quantity depending on the alpha acid of the batch used? option when adding or editing a hop addition on a recipe and enter the Expected alpha acid.

You can also set a default alpha acid on the hop from its edit page, which will be used to pre-populate the Expected alpha acid on a recipe’s hop addition.

Using the hop on a beer batch

If you are auto-assigning the ingredients to your batch, Breww will automatically adjust the hop quantity added to a batch if it has been enabled for that addition. If you have batches in stock for that hop that don’t have an alpha acid recorded, Breww will assume it is the recipe’s Expected alpha acid. Breww will show you on the batch’s Brewing page what the quantity was changed to and why.

Breww also has a handy alpha acid adjustment calculator that you can access straight from the brew sheet by clicking the Calculator icon on the hop addition.

Yay! What about mixed batches?

Hi Jon! Breww will handle automatically assigning a mix of hop batches with different alpha acids (for example, if one batch runs out of stock before the required quantity is assigned) and will provide a summary of the weighted alpha acid and how it is equal to the desired alpha acid-to-weight ratio. So mixed batches are sorted :ok_hand:

Brilliant. Thank you!