Adding BBE data on the assigned products to invoice/delivery notes

Quick question regarding this PDF invoice and delivery note. For EU customers some are asking for BBE data on the assigned products, current routine is to manually add these as a note to the order but when the order is done through a 3rd party integration such as Sellar this is not possible to add notes.

Is there any scope to have the BBE data of the assigned containers as a possible addon to invoices after the assignment stage of the order? i.e.

  1. Receive and confirm order
  2. View delivery and assign items
  3. Print/email invoice/delivery note with specific BBE data of the assigned containers on the same line as abv/plato etc…



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Hey Gary,

Thanks for reaching out on the community! That’s a great idea and I’ve moved your post into its own feature request. This way, other members of the community can also vote on it and our developers can take a look at it.

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