Add "total_order_value" field to BrewwQL for Customers

I’d like to lists in Breww which report customers by order value in the last full calendar month.

I have tried to do this using the current BrewwQL tags but I don’t think it’s possible. Basically I’d like the list to take customers that ordered £1000+ for March 2023. Another one for Customer who’s orders total between 500-100, 250-500 and so on. This will automatically segment our customers for us.

We can do this in bulk currently by reporting totals for the month and then running a bulk update by changing tags. It just takes longer to complete and replies on excel functions that add tags correctly.

Would be keen to know if this is possible to automate or whether I just have to do it the hard way once per month

Thanks for the suggestion, Mark.

I’m afraid this isn’t possible right now, but this is the right place to be requesting it :+1:

It should be possible to add a field to the BrewwQL filter for the customer’s total order value.

To support this, it would be a very substantial change, so in all honestly, I think this isn’t something that’s likely to be added to BrewwQL in the short term. The issue is that each of the variables that you can filter on are evaluated independently, so while we could add a the total order value field, this would always be treated as a total order value and not just the total in any given month. I’ve explained this in more detail in this thread:

I hope this makes sense. We’ll keep the feature request thread open, as hopefully we’ll be able to support this better in the future, but it’s a long way from how the filtering works at the moment. Thank you.