Add tasks in the past!


When i visit a town or city to sell beer i would like to administrate the task in the past.

For example yesterday i visited 5 leads. Today I want to write a small report of these visits and put the date on yesterday.

Any suggestions?

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Thanks for the suggestion.

Can I clarify, if you mean to create a “Task” in the past, or record an activity? Tasks are intended as a reminder for you to do something, and hence creating a reminder for the past is probably a mistake more often than not, so this is why Breww doesn’t currently accept this.

What you’ve described sounds like recording an activity (which is something that is prompted to be logged after a task that’s associated with a customer is completed, so I can see the confusion). You can already manually log an activity in the past without having to create a task.

From the customer page, click the “Record activity” button:

Then you should see this window, which can have a previous date applied:

Can you confirm if this covers what you’re looking for, or clarify what extra you’d like?

Thank you :smile:

Great! Thats what is was looking for👍

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