Add Pub Name to Xero exported Pub Group invoices

When invoices from pubs in a group are exported to Xero, the delivery address or pub name is not exported (if you choose to have all invoices in the name of the group as is often the case). This is apparently because the Xero API will not take this info.

However, Xero does take the reference field. This field is often prepopulated with an important PO number (e.g. from SIBA or Sellar integrations).

I would like it if you could have a tick box option at the pub group setting level which inserts the pub name into the ref field and then retains (the existing PO number in brackets).

This would mean my activity/statements in Xero for PUB GROUP A would look like this which is easier to read and some of our groups insist on a pub reference…

Order Number Ref
54665 The Kings Head (43233544)
43555 The Randy Butcher(4335444)
45354 The Warm Cellar (3454444)
43545 The Kings Head (5454443)

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Thanks for the suggestion, Toby, this makes total sense to me :+1:

Is there a reason why you need to switch this on/off on a per-customer-group basis? Or would it be better to switch on/off on an account-wide basis to save you from having to remember to set it suitably on each customer group?

Hi Ben,
Yes, for us, a global setting for all groups would a better idea.

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Great news, Toby; this wasn’t too complicated, so we’ve been able to add this for you now :tada:

If you go to IntegrationsAccountancyActions (next to Xero) → Configuration and then enable the new option When uploading invoices to customer groups add the sub-customer name to the reference field in the Settings → Extra options section on the right.

Once this has been saved, from this point on, newly uploaded invoices to customer groups should have the customer name added to the reference field.

I must say that we’re unlikely to usually be this quick on feature requests, but this one happened to be able to be fitted in when making a change to something related today, so you got very lucky! Cheers.

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