Add 'email invoice' button tp 'Deliveries > Manage' page in app

Currently I believe the only way to email signed pdfs to the customer immediately after delivery is completed is to go back in to main menu > deliveries > view order > pdf > email customer.

Placing this on the Deliveries > Manage page of the app would be great.

Cheers, Danny

Thanks for the suggestion, Danny.

If you’re on the delivery, there should be a View order button in the top-right which can take you directly to the order (and save a few clicks).

Additionally, you can schedule these emails to be sent automatically and save yourself all the clicks! In SettingsOrder/invoice settings you should see an option like this:

You can exclude a subset of customers from these automatic emails too (if needed). You can see more on this at How can I specify which customer email addresses will receive invoice/delivery note emails

Does this cover what you need or would it still be helpful to have the button that you’ve suggested?

Thank you.

Hi Luke,

Haha, I’ve just realised how I can do it - I dont have the ‘View order’ button, just ‘View pdf/on web’ - but the ‘on web’ option takes me to the order - great stuff. Thats that sorted.

I’ve seen the automatically send option but I like to personalise the email with Name and Order Number - plus some people pay by direct debit, some have invoices against them and one generic invoice email doesnt fit. If there’s away of adding and automatically that would be a good addition.

Tricky to cater for all situations I know.

Cheers, Danny

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