Add 'Direct Debit #1234' to PO reference box automatically


Are you able to add ‘Direct Debit #1234’ to the PO reference box automatically when placing an order with a customer that ‘typically pays via Direct Debit’?

It would save a fair bit of repetitve typing and as it transfers over to our accountancy software its an easy visual to not chase payment.

Cheers, Danny

Thanks for the request, Danny, but I’m not sure this is something we’ll be able to do, I’m afraid.

This feels very specific to your own use case and involves “hijacking” the PO reference field to show something that isn’t actually the PO reference, which isn’t something that we could really add as a standard feature in Breww (most breweries probably wouldn’t want this).

Could you, as an alternative, get the list of who needs payments chasing from within Breww instead? A BrewwQL filter for invoices like this should get you started:

order_status = "Invoiced" and payment_status != "Paid" and due_date < "today" and customer.typically_pays_by_direct_debit = False

If you get the filter working for you, you could even save this as a saved order list so you can easily access this list at any time (and it would of course stay up-to-date as payments are received).