4X6 & 24s - I can't have both?

Hi, we supply a tray of 24 beers that is made up of 4 x 6 packs. We also supply a straight tray of 24 beers.

One has a product code 4X6X350, one has 24X350, however both have 24 beers associated.

However I am unable to make the 24x multipack as there is already the existing 4X6 multipack that has the same total number of bottles.

Do I need to make a container type that is a 6 pack, and then a product that is 4 of those?

Best wishes,

Hi Alex,

Welcome to the Breww Community and thanks for the question.

You should be able to create both products, but the second one will need to be made using the main product creation process. I’m assuming you’ve been using the “Create new multi-pack product” button from the beer screen. This is a quick-creation process that saves you time in 99% of cases, but has some limitations, as you’ve experienced.

If you go to Products > New product and choose the “Smallpack multi-pack” option, you should be able to create the other version of the product without a problem.


Great Luke, that works !

Another quick one, if on the first screen I’ve said its Lager, going into a 350ml bottle, and there are 24 of them, do I then need to assign 24 bottles on the stock items page or does it know that already from the first page?


Excellent, I’m pleased you got this sorted!

You’d need to enter 24 for the bottles. Breww will not multiply by the number of bottles for you automatically. Doing this way means that you could add the 24 bottles, but you could also (for example), add one cardboard box.

If you have a container type of 350ml bottle and always use the same stock item bottle for this (e.g. you have a single 350ml bottle, and they’re not printed with different beer brands on them), then you could add the bottle as a stock item to the container type instead of setting it on each individual product. This should save you time as it will be, in effect, automatically added to all products using a 350ml bottle and in the correct quantity automatically (24 in this case).

To do this, go to the Containers section of Breww and edit the 350ml bottle and add the stock item in the “Default packaging stock items” section. There’s more info on this here.

I hope this helps :+1: